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About opGames

  • opGames is a casual games and technology venture started in 2006 in Boulder Colorado.
  • opGames is currently developing a casual puzzle game entitled Beakiez, and is developing the opC++ compiler and associated dialects for use on all current and future products.

The opC++ Team

Lucas Ellis

Lucas Ellis is a man on a mission: working to improve development by researching tools and techniques to advance the interactive arts to the next level. Lucas has been involved in game development for nearly a decade, learning every skill in game development first hand in order to gain a complete picture. He has years of experience working with the Unreal Engine on a commercial level, as well as experience using C++ heavily in games having written opGames' proprietary engine from the ground up.

Kevin Depue

Kevin Depue is opGames' resident compiler expert - having attended Colorado State's graduate program in Computer Science with an emphasis on compilers, he has laid the foundation for opGames' extensible C++ compiler, opC++. As opGames' Linux and compiler guru, Kevin is a code idealist, always looking for more elegant solutions. He enjoys designing programming languages and exploring generative programming solutions. An avid cyclist, he enjoys road/mountain biking in the beautiful Colorado mountains. He has also been an expert juggling enthusiast for over 15 years.

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